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Strange Country Day
Strange Country Day

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Strange Country Day, a middle-grade sports fantasy novel, out now from Month9Books!

“The only thing stranger than Strange Country Day, are the kids sitting next to you in class. Meet the next generation of mutant superheroes.  When you attend this school, you’re signing up for a whirlwind of mystery and mayhem.  This story captures both the turbulence and confusion of being 13, and dealing with superhuman powers … a wicked combination.  Strange Country Day certainly lives up to its name.” – DJ MacHale, author of Pendragon and The SYLO Chronicles

“High energy, high-cool adventure! If only all schools were this strange and exciting — but how many of us would survive?” – Greg Bear, Hugo- and Nebula-award winning author of Moving Mars and Darwin’s Radio

About the Book:

Football suddenly becomes more than just a game for Alexander Graham Ptuiac, the son of an inventor, when he suddenly manifests mysterious superhuman powers during school tryouts. Alex makes the team, but not before some ill-intended adults take notice, putting his life in danger. He struggles to suppress and control his strange new abilities, worried about exposing his secret and being kicked off the football team, until he befriends Dex, a diminutive classmate who can somehow jump as high as ten feet in the air. Alex quickly realizes that he isn’t the only one at school with a secret. As the school year unfolds, Alex learns more about his abilities while he also deals with bullies, holds hands with his first crush, and discovers the shocking truth about himself and his parents.

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